The Co-created Strategy

The Mind charities have long played a significant role in providing mental health services to their local populations alongside myriad charities and community groups – all in support of the public and private sector provisions.

Funding for the Third Sector organisations is tough to find, time consuming to secure, and resource intensive to manage and therefore we believe that by working better together, the Third Sector could help more people, more frequently, in more areas.

We need to coordinate our thinking and then use our wonderful and diverse expertise to deliver against our strengths.

But none of us have all the answers. We need to listen first to the experiences and ideas of the people who use our services.

That’s why the Between our Ears programme is so vitally important.

We start with the Listening Groups; we start by listening and asking questions that help to inform our discussion and thinking.

We take those voices and combine them with commissioners, academics, mental health professionals and advocates for mental wellbeing. This becomes our mental health conference.

From the listening groups and the conference we take all that we have learned and feed that into our strategy for third sector delivery of mental health services; a co-created document that will lead the way in laying out how coordination and delivery of non-statutory mental health care will be best delivered over the next five years.

From the people with lived experience to the people allocating funding to the staff and volunteers on the frontline of mental health service provision; we all need to work together, to own a common strategy, to best support all of us.